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Dr Andrew (MBBS)

diabetes nutritionist

Dr Jasmine (MBBS)

Top Reversing Diabetes Specialists & Nutritionists in Malaysia


Both Dr Andrew Chiew & Dr Jasmine Chiew graduated from Melaka Manipal Medical College with a medical degree (MBBS).

In 2013, Dr Andrew was wrongly diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. This near death experience taught him a lesson and he told himself, from then onwards, he must always look for the root cause when treating patients, and this is how Clinixero started in 2017, with the principle of Focusing on the Root Cause.

As pioneers in the field of Reversing Diabetes, Dr Andrew & Dr Jasmine are always upgrading their medical knowledge, improving their clinical skills & gathering hands on experience to help their patients. In Feb 2023, they travelled more than 9000 miles to Denver, USA to attend a medical conference. In this conference, they managed to meet & network with more than 200 like minded doctors & healthcare professionals from across the world.

Keeping the knowledge is of no use, and in order to pass on the knowledge to the community, especially their own patients, our doctors are also Diabetes educators, both Dr Andrew & Dr Jasmine have conducted nothing less than 500 health talks, online & offline included. Their stage presence is amplified by the KISS principle they apply, ie ‘Keep It Short & Simple’. They are also able to deliver their talks in English, Mandarin, Malay & Cantonese.

It is also worth mentioning that both our doctors are HRDF certified trainers as well.

Dr Andrew & Dr Jasmine believe that being good role models to their patients is important. On top of practising healthy eating habits themselves, they are also very active in sports, namely hiking, badminton & gym training.

In 2022, both our doctors successfully summited the Gunung Tahan (Highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia), Mount Kinabalu (Highest mountain in Malaysia) & Mount Fansipan (Highest mountain in Vietnam) 

Our Vision

Transforming lives by treating the root cause of Diabetes, without using medications, Insulin or supplements.

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Our Mission

To empower our patients
through education

diabetes specialist malaysia

So that they can regain
the freedom of health

diabetes specialist malaysia

Dr Andrew was interviewed by Bernama TV on
World Diabetes Day 2019

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