Award-Winning Virtual Diabetes Management Program in Malaysia by Clinixero

reverse diabetes management awards

Clinixero, an outstanding diabetic healthcare provider running under Sozo Management and Resources Sdn Bhd, stands out in the ever-changing healthcare industry for its extraordinary commitment to revolutionising diabetes management. As World Diabetes Day 2022 draws near, Clinixero celebrates a spectacular accomplishment that raises the quality standard for diabetes treatment. Their ground-breaking efforts have been honoured with the prestigious “Most Patients in a Virtual Diabetic Programme” recognition from the Malaysia Book of Records.

Dr Andrew Chiew, the founder and visionary of Clinixero, explains his inspiration: “During the pandemic, our patients had difficulties going to our wellness centre. At that time, we decided to move all our consultations online, ensuring that patients with diabetes get treatment from us no matter how far away they are.”

The proactive use of teleconsultations by Clinixero changed the game and allowed them to expand their professional diabetes treatment to a startling 934 diabetic patients. This excellent number represents a massive increase from their starting point of just 50 patients before the pandemic began. A supportive community of 40 patients, their families, and friends attended the Sweet Retreatz dinner, where Clinixero received the award in the Malaysia Book of Records. Attendees travelled from various places to the event, including Penang, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak, and even Singapore.

A standout moment was the fantastic two-day post-pandemic retreat in Kuala Lumpur when Clinixero’s patients came together for the first time in person. This event gave patients a priceless chance to discuss their experiences with controlling their blood sugar levels, creating friendship and mutual support. 12 outstanding people who participated were honoured for their excellent improvement after committing to the Clinixero reverse diabetes program in Malaysia.

Datuk Michael Lim, who is 60 years old, is a success story and was given the “Best in Blood Sugar Award.” Datuk Lim reflects on his path and says, “I’ve been fighting diabetes since 2001. I tried vainly to control my blood sugar before discovering the Clinixero reverse diabetes program. My typical blood sugar level before joining was approximately 8, peaking at 9 and higher after meals. Since I started the diabetes diet plan provided by Clinixero’s nutritionist in Malaysia, my readings now average around 5 before meals and a little around 6 after meals, which significantly improves.”

Clinixero co-founder Dr Jasmine Chiew shares her satisfaction with patients’ accomplishments while highlighting the program’s innovative approach. “Our success comes from treating the root causes, not just the symptoms. Our Clinixero Protocol, a thorough Reverse Diabetes Program run by qualified diabetes specialists in Malaysia, includes a customised meal plan and gradually cutting down on medication,” she explains.

Clinixero’s goal to help 10,000 patients manage their blood pressure, weight, and blood sugar levels to reduce the risk of diabetes-related problems in the future remains constant. Clinixero is positioned to be a ray of hope and change as Malaysia struggles with the growing effects of diabetes, which are expected to affect seven million individuals in the country by 2025.

Dr Andrew Chiew declares emphatically in his closing statement, “Our objective is to make a significant contribution to the treatment of diabetes, addressing this urgent public health issue. We work to impact as many people as possible through our knowledge and everlasting commitment.”

Clinixero’s innovative spirit and patient-centred philosophy shine as a beacon of light for individuals navigating the difficulties of managing diabetes at a time when healthcare innovation is crucial. Clinixero’s legacy is set to make an indelible mark on the future of healthcare as they continue to forge a route towards correcting diabetes and improving lives.

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