Why ‘Diabetes-Friendly Food’ Is a Misleading Term for Managing Diabetes

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Diabetes Health Education: Separating Facts from Fictions on Diabetic Friendly Food Choices

With more than 500 million Diabetics globally, there is a huge opportunity for the food industry to tap into the needs of these patients. With the help of ‘Google’, it is easy for anyone to search for ‘Diabetes Friendly Food’ online. On top of that, there are a lot of ‘self-claimed experts’ who constantly recommend ‘Diabetes Friendly Food’. Now, let’s go through some of these common ‘Diabetes Friendly Food’ and see if they live up to the expectations of helping Diabetics to manage their blood sugar.

Rice is a staple food for Asians. Hence we cannot avoid discussing rice. Many are told to avoid ‘white rice’, and instead are advised to take ‘Brown rice’, ‘Basmati rice’ or ‘Parboiled rice’, just to name a few. Next in line, let’s talk about breakfast. As the saying goes, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, ” so how can we miss breakfast? What are some of the common breakfast foods in town? Well, we have oats, rolled oats, to be exact. Of course, we shouldn’t forget bread, too, right? Common advice on bread? Leave the white bread alone. Let’s go for wholemeal bread or even seed-based bread, right?

We are pretty sure most of you are familiar with the ‘Diabetic Friendly Food’ mentioned above, right? Have you seen anyone taking these foods and successfully reversing their Diabetes? By the way, just in case you are unfamiliar with the term ‘Diabetes Reversal’, in Clinixero, it is defined as a Diabetic patient successfully achieving a normal blood sugar without depending on medications, Insulin injections and supplements.

Back to the previous question of whether anyone takes these ‘Diabetic Friendly Food’ and successfully reversing their Diabetes? Well, we believe you already know the answer is an affirmative ‘NO’. Why? Are you not curious? Well, these foods are recommended by most doctors and nutritionists to Diabetics, right? It means they should be good, right? If you want to find out the answer, read on.

The ‘Diabetic Friendly Foods’ mentioned above indeed have low GI (Glycemic Index), meaning they raise the blood sugar slower than their ‘White’ counterparts (Eg: White rice & white bread). However, GI is not everything, as there’s another very important element when it comes to Reversing Diabetes, i.e. GL (Glycemic Load). Many of you are unfamiliar with GL, as it is rarely discussed. So, what is GL? Glycemic Load is the total sum of GI x the total amount of food. While GI is important, GL plays a more significant role in Reversing Diabetes. Simply put, GI represents the speed (Fast Carb Vs Slow Carb), while GL represents the amount (High Carb Vs Low Carb). The problem with most ‘Diabetic Friendly Foods’ is that they are Slow Carb in terms of GI, but High Carb in terms of GL; hence no one ever Reverse their Diabetes by taking these foods.

Still think ‘Diabetic Friendly Foods’ are ‘friendly’ to a Diabetic? Well, we leave it for you to answer.

Beyond Medications: Exploring Effective Natural Remedies for Diabetes Management

No one likes to take medications, and the biggest problem with Diabetes is patients are usually told by their doctors that they need to take medications for the rest of their life. When the medications no longer work due to drug resistance, Insulin injections are prescribed. No one in their sane mind like to take medications or Insulin injections for the rest of their lives; hence this creates a huge opportunity for alternative treatments, including juicing, health supplements & meal replacements. Let’s talk about juicing first. One of the most common juice claimed to be good for Diabetics is green apple, celery, cucumber, bitter gourd, lemon and/or ginger. While most ingredients look harmless, green apple is not so benign since it is still a fruit. Most fruit juices, including green apple juice, are notorious for raising blood sugar. Still wondering why no one ever reverses their Diabetes by taking this juice religiously every day? Health supplements are a multibillion-dollar industry, and we dare say almost everyone will take at least 1 or 2 supplements consistently, more so if they are suffering from some chronic illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension or Fatty Liver. Question is, have we seen anyone who successfully reverse their Diabetes by taking supplements? We believe you already know the answer is a resounding ‘NO’. Have you ever wondered why? Think about it, if you are taking a supplement to manage your blood sugar, the day you have successfully reversed your Diabetes is the day the supplement company loses you as a customer. Lastly, let’s zoom into meal replacements. Meal replacements have gained a lot of traction in the past decade due to our hectic lifestyle, since it helps to save a lot of time for the consumers. The most common meal replacement usually comes in protein shakes, with different flavours added to them. We will fall back to the same question: have you ever seen anyone who successfully reversed their Diabetes by taking these meal replacements? We guess you kind of know the answer to this question too, right? So what now? Most protein shakes claim not to contain any carbohydrates, but why does no one ever Reverse their Diabetes by taking them? Be prepared, as the answer may shock you. First, our body doesn’t store excess protein; hence it is not helpful, especially if you are not constantly doing muscle-building exercises. So, what happens to the extra protein? Part of it is converted to sugar in the liver via gluconeogenesis, ie making new sugar. This is a fact that most people are not aware of, including those who are selling these meal replacements. After helping more than 1000 patients worldwide to Reverse their Diabetes, other than allowing them to remove their Diabetic medications & Insulin injections, we also help them stop juicing, health supplements, and meal replacements. Our patients only depend on taking natural diabetes remedies, such as real, natural, delicious food, to reverse their Diabetes. The best part? We make it so practical that our patients can eat out 100% of the time & still successfully reverse their Diabetes. Let’s Reverse Diabetes together!

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