Medicine Is Not Always The Solution For Diabetes

medications for diabetes

How to Reduce Your Blood Sugar Levels without Medications, Insulin & Supplements

How to reduce blood sugar levels and control diabetes? Concerning this, medications for Diabetes are often the first line of treatment. However, it is essential to remember that medications, Insulin & supplements are not the only solution when it comes to managing Diabetes. Although medications, Insulin and supplements for Diabetes can help control blood sugar levels, they don’t treat the root cause of Diabetes. Why? This is because ‘High Blood Sugar’ is only a symptom of Diabetes, and not the root cause. Hence, when you are taking medications, Insulin & supplements to manage your blood sugar, you are merely scratching the surface of the disease.
If you are ready to understand the truth of conventional Diabetes management, read on as it may shock you.
First up, most doctors know that the root cause of Type 2 Diabetes is Insulin Resistance. What causes Insulin Resistance? Too much Insulin, or Hyperinsulinemia in medical term, which means a lot of Insulin in the blood. Too much of something causes resistance to the said thing. A very good example is ‘Too much antibiotics causes Antibiotic Resistance’. Another classic example is ‘Too much alcohol causes Alcohol Resistance’. You and I know at least 1 or 2 people who need to drink a lot to get drunk. So how do we treat Antibiotic or Alcohol Resistance? We need less Antibiotics or Alcohol, right? The more we give, the worse the condition.
Now, let’s come back to Type 2 Diabetes. What is the general concept of managing Diabetes? We reduce the blood sugar by taking medications or supplements to increase the Insulin production, and when the medications no longer work, Insulin injection is initiated. This is like asking an alcoholic to drink more alcohol to treat his alcohol resistance, which only makes the matter worse.
Therefore, when a Type 2 Diabetics take medications, Insulin injections or supplements, while they may appear to be better as their blood sugar is controlled, the disease is worsening as the Insulin resistance deepens itself. Now, you understand why ‘Diabetes’ is defined by the World Health Organization as a chronic, metabolic disease characterized by elevated levels of blood sugar, which leads over time to serious damage to heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves. While Diabetes is bad to begin with, the actual problem is how it is being managed using the Standard Guidelines.
Knowledge itself is not powerful, application of knowledge is. Contact our customer service now to arrange for an appointment with our reversing diabetes specialist if you are considering Diabetes reversal using our award winning diabetes management plan.

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